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Renewable Heat Pumps

Lower your running costs and improve your carbon footprint

Heat Pumps, and Air to Water Heat Pumps in particular, are becoming an increasingly popular means of heating buildings and obtaining hot water. By producing heat without burning fossil fuels, they provide a zero carbon option with lower running costs than traditional systems.

With unrivalled efficiencies due to the way Polar Energi extracts heat from the refrigerant process, investing in a Polar Energi Air Source Heat Pump system is investing for the future. Not only will this provide the efficiencies of Air to Water Heating, but provides the most efficient products available to deliver that technology.

From design to installation to maintenance plans, Aircon can provide the industry-leading products and services to fit your requirements. As a leading distributor of Panasonic products and the only independent distributor of Polar Energi products in the UK, we are in the ideal position to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional, fossil fuel-based systems.

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